Our Fleet of Police Vehicles

We are working on a collection of restored vintage and antique cruisers, motorcycles and other police vehicles. 

1978 Ford LTD Police Cruiser

The most recent restoration, this is a genuine C-Code 460 "Interceptor" powered sedan, the last of the true "Big Block" V-8 police cruisers.

Read more: 1978 Ford LTD Police Cruiser

1951 Ford Custom Sedan

Another donated civilian car, the 1951 Ford accurately replicates those used by the MSP in make, model and body style.

Read more: 1951 Ford Custom Sedan

1941 Ford Deluxe Sedan

Like the 1931 Ford, this beautiful Ford Deluxe Sedan was generously donated to the Museum and restored to replicate the cruisers in service during the 1940's.

Read more: 1941 Ford Deluxe Sedan

1931 Ford Model A

This vehicle was donated to the Museum several years ago. While the MSP did have Ford cruisers in the early 1930's, this particular Model A was never used as a police cruiser.

Read more: 1931 Ford Model A

1968 Ford Ranch Wagon

This is a future restoration project. For decades the MSP assigned station wagons to each barracks.

Read more: 1968 Ford Ranch Wagon

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