MSPMLC 1951 and 1978 Vintage Cruisers in Parade

City of Pittsfield's 2017 Fourth of July Parade. The Massachusetts State Police Museum and Learning Center's 1951 and 1978 vintage Cruisers are/were featured at approximately 33:26 minutes into the program. 187 units participated. Total Running Time: approx. two hours.
Credit: Pittsfield Community Television.

Charles Stuart Case, October, 1989

"Rescue-911" Episode documenting the Boston Police Department and Massachusetts State Police investigative efforts concerning the Charles Stuart Murder Case, which occurred on October 23rd, 1989.  MSP Dispatchers Gary McLaughlin, John "Jack" Moran, and Sergeant Dan Grabowski are featured.


Rescue 911: Episode 120 "Boston" Part 1 of 3


Rescue 911: Episode 120 "Boston" Part 2 of 3


Rescue 911: Episode 120 "Boston" Part 3 of 3

We remember – 1995

Troopers from the MSP Air Wing place a wreath to honor the memory of Sergeant James Mattaliano, Sergeant Paul Perry, AT&T Workers Arthur Howell and Michael McCarthy killed in the crash of MSP helicopter N20SP on the 20th Anniversary of this tragic incident.

K-9 Search for Suspects 1993

"Real Stories of the Highway Patrol" episode featuring Massachusetts State Police Sergeant Albert Toney and the MSP K-9 Unit in search for suspects in Shrewsbury, MA.




Two Shades of Blue: How and Why Did the Massachusetts State Police Adopt a French & Electric Blue Uniform?

In the year 1865, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts established the first state-wide police agency.  This action was a result of a bill passed by the Great and General Court and signed by Governor Andrew. However, the bill included no requirements for a police uniform, which I found surprising.  I conducted some independent research to figure out how the State Police arrived at French & Electric Blue uniforms.  My findings reveal some interesting stories that involve Beacon Hill politics, the French Army and the Massachusetts National Guard.
I found my first clue about uniforms in the year 1879,

Read more: Two Shades of Blue: How and Why Did the Massachusetts State Police Adopt a French & Electric Blue...

Over One Hundred Years New, a documentary about the Mass State Police

"Over One Hundred Years New," narrated by the late John Wayne and featuring an introduction and closing by the late CBS newsman Walter Cronkite was aired many years ago on a local television station. It chronicles the work of the Massachusetts State Police. Many of the roles in this documentary are/were played by actual Troopers, among them then Trooper Mark Delaney, who later became Colonel/Superintendent of the MSP, and Corporal Larry Stoddard, to name a few. From YouTube.

Part One: Part Two:


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