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Enforcement Odyssey: Massachusetts State Police (Hardcover) by William F. Powers (Author)

Enforcement Odyssey, by William F. Powers

“Enforcement Odyssey” builds on its predecessor “French & Electric Blue.” Inside story of the MSP from 1965 to profound organizational changes & challenges of the 1990s. Lists Recruit Training Troops from 1921 through 1996 & each officer Killed in the Line of Duty.



"The First To Serve” by Ron Guilmette

The “First to Serve” is a historical work covering the first ten years of the nations oldest state police agency from 1865 to 1875.
Alcohol was the genesis for the first state police force and the primary reason why several other New England states looked to establish state police forces during the second half of the nineteenth century. Journey back in time as Ron Guilmette chronicles the lives and Civil War service of these first state police officers. The First To Serve describes the first decade of the Massachusetts State Police and the hardships and political turmoil the first constables faced enforcing the first alcohol prohibition in the nation for three dollars a day.



Massachusetts State Police 150th Anniversary Book

Join the Massachusetts State Police Museum &  Learning Center (MSPMLC) as it celebrates the 150th Anniversary of the MSP.

This exciting new book will include a detailed history of the department from 1865-2015;  full-color portrait photographs of all personnel–uniform, civilian and retired; personal experience stories by active staff and retirees; past badges and patches, and past directors; In Memoriam Tribute to MSP members killed in the& line of duty; Division andUnit histories; hundreds of historic and contemporary photos; a roster of active and retired personnel; and more!  This is the perfect book for all MSP staff, retirees, and family members. Order your copies today!



Shot Gunned (Paperback) by Dana Owen

 Dana Owen, who served as a Police Officer in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, has written a new book, Shotgunned.  He tells the true story of how he pursued a hijacked United States Postal truck - with a hostage inside. During the chase, he was shot in the head...twice.


"An Appointed Time” by James Redfearn

Signed by the Author!!!

In the late 1950s, state police recruit Frank Mahan reports for duty at the Grafton barracks. Based on historical events, An Appointed Time is an accounting of Mahan's challenging and violent journey to a fateful meeting with fugitive John Coyle in the swamps and cranberry bogs of Middleborough Massachusetts.


"The First To Serve” New Book by Ron Guilmette

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